Welcome to SM3WMV homebrewing website

I created this website for people to read about my old, current and future projects. I will try to post my thoughts, schematics and pictures of the various ideas and solutions.

I am an electric engineer student with a enormous passion for electronics and ham radio, two different subjects that suit eachother really well. Most of the stuff I build is for my own station and is built in my home or at school. I have some friendly teachers who let me use the schools network analyzers and other equipment needed for the projects.

Since I don't have an infinite amount of time I can't garantee that this website always is up to date, but I will try to do my best.

Why do I publish plans and on going projects? Well, that is simply because I usually work with tons of projects at the same time. Sometimes I get sick of one project and continue with another one.

Enjoy my homebrew heaven and if you have questions or suggestions just send me an email!


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